Blog's Second Anniversary - My Thoughts on Blogging

Greetings, everyone.

Time flies like an arrow, and the sun and moon pass like a shuttle. Now, after two years of establishing this humble abode, on this joyous day, I write this article to express my thoughts and to encourage all of you.


A blog, this is how I understand its literal meaning: "blog" represents the joy of "sharing with the public." With the help of Wikipedia, Baidu Baike, and others, we can quickly understand its meaning, but it is still not simple enough. You will find that all blogs have one thing in common - the central content is the blogger's articles, and they are long articles. This is the biggest difference between blogs and platforms like Sina Weibo and WeChat Moments, which are known as "microblogs". Two years ago, I made my first submission to GitHub for my blog. At that time, I saw it as a tool for practicing Chinese language and directly put it on GitHub Pages. But now, I tend to see it as my "cyber diary," recording my life and sharing my achievements.


In these two years, I have become a member of the Ten-Year Covenant, joined the Kaiwang team, and tried my best to contribute to the open-source community.

I have met many bloggers. I saw a new junior high school student who had his own blog on Vancl when he was ten years old, just like the once-popular Lin Lin. It seems like I have traveled back to the millennium that I have never experienced before and witnessed the "blossoming" of personal blogs. However, the requirement in most provinces in China that the person in charge of website filing must be at least 18 years old sometimes makes me wonder if underage individuals in China are not qualified to build websites, and whether the requirements for website filing in China are too strict.


Personal blogs will inevitably face two "challenges": speed and traffic. Let me give two examples. Yunyoujun solved the problem of page loading speed by using domestic CDN and developing Valaxy, which uses Vue.js and Vite.js as frameworks. Sukaka rebuilt his blog using Next.js and hosted static files on Cloudflare Workers Site, and also made many targeted optimizations. Yunyoujun and Sukaka, as members of the Element Plus team and the core developer of Hexo, respectively, have a large number of technical articles on their blogs. Combined with high-quality articles, they naturally have considerable traffic. Their personal projects (such as small air conditioners, themes, etc.) also help drive traffic to their personal blogs to some extent.


I don't have many skills, so naturally, I can't write technical articles. I treat my blog as a diary, and this is one of the reasons. There are still eight years left. What thoughts will the future me have when I look back on everything I have written?

May we all strive for excellence.

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