After the middle school entrance examination

The high school entrance exam is over. Similarly, I am no longer a middle school student.

imageTeachers' farewell signatures

On the morning of the 22nd, the last exam subject, English, ended. The moment I walked out of the exam center, I felt extremely happy.

Back in the classroom, I started packing up the books left in the bookshelf and desk drawers, and then went home to rest.

imageExam center

In the afternoon, I went out with my dormitory classmates for a small gathering. Because we left late, and I took the intercity bus from Taiyuan to Yuci Outlets, it took me almost an hour and a half.


What surprised me was that after posting on Moments, my physics teacher quickly recognized where we gathered for dinner.


After dinner, we watched a movie, and I got home at eleven o'clock at night.


I took a day off on the 23rd, and on the morning of the 24th, I went back to school to estimate my score and simulate filling out college applications.

Everyone took pictures together, and the whole classroom was filled with laughter and joy. But in reality, there was also a hint of reluctance.

Here is my estimated score:

Morality and Law83
Full Score740

This total score is calculated as follows:


Next is a summer vacation of over two months. I plan to visit Shanghai in July and attend BilibiliWorld.

imageA gift for myself! By 委鬼小宸

Also, recently I saw someone advertising xLog in the comments section of a friend's link.


Although I have already learned about it through other means and have set up an experimental site here, I personally dislike seeing advertisements right when I enter someone else's website.

imageNofated's friend link page also received xLog's advertisement

Furthermore, it is based on Web3, blockchain, and NFT, which makes me hesitant to migrate to xLog.

In itself, it has limited functionality and cannot meet my writing needs. In the long run, relying on Web3 unintentionally triggers a sense of disgust in me for unknown reasons - I don't like NFTs, as they are almost like "unique items for the entire server." Some of Valaxy's Markdown syntax is incompatible with xLog's Vue components, and xLog does not have a complete i18n for articles, which prevents me from migrating the Privacy Policy page to it (even if I could migrate, there is no elegant language switching like now); and it uses Next.js, which cannot access the images in my articles, even though I have set CORS permissions for it.

One thing is certain: it is indeed completely free.

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