The obstacle I can't overcome - mathematics

Mathematics has always been a major concern for me.

During my three years in junior high school, I couldn't completely correct any of the six exercise books. While other classmates could easily solve certain problems, I would need a long time and sometimes have no clue at all. This problem became magnified after I started studying quadratic functions in the third year of junior high school. My homeroom teacher was extremely frustrated with this and often criticized my mistakes during class. In most cases, I could only solve the first question of the quadratic function graph problem on the test... As a result, I only scored 90 out of 120 on the math test for the Shanxi Provincial Exam in 2023, which was considered quite easy.

During the summer vacation, when I attended a preparatory class, I realized that I had no idea how to solve a simple quadratic inequality, and I also couldn't remember some of the content related to "sets." Therefore, doing math problems was torture for me. Moreover, now interdisciplinary questions and the integration of subjects are becoming more common, which means that math is almost everywhere. I have no choice but to endure it.

After starting high school, there was a period of time when we reviewed the knowledge from junior high school. However, I performed poorly on those study materials, which made me doubt if I had ever learned math in junior high school.

It seems that the people around me, whether they are internet friends or classmates, never worry about math. In my impression, there is a strong connection between information technology and math, so why am I always unable to learn math well?

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