Recording a Windows reinstallation

I can't take it anymore! I want to switch to Linux! I have nothing in common with 0x800707e7!

Switching to Linux is impossible. I will never switch to Linux in this lifetime.


Recently, the latest Canary preview version of Windows update has been failing, and there is very little available space left on the C drive. I tried my best to clean up and managed to free up 80 GB of space. At the same time, the system notifications from QQNT were not working on my computer for some reason.

Finally, I decided to bite the bullet, back up necessary data, and prepare to reinstall Windows, while switching back to the Dev channel.


Fortunately, I had my own external hard drive at hand, so I plugged it into the computer and started searching everywhere on the C drive. I saved the installation packages of software installed on the C drive and other necessary software to the hard drive.

Then, I started extracting important things from the AppData directory and also saved them to the hard drive. Oh, I shouldn't forget the registry and settings for launchers like BakaXL and PCL2.

After completing all of this, I unplugged the hard drive and started downloading the latest Dev version 23493 image.

I checked, and Microsoft did not update the Dev channel image on their official website, so I had to resort to uupdump to create an image myself.

Operating system: Windows 11; Architecture: x64; Version: Dev 23493; SKU: Home Chinese Edition...

As for why I chose the Home edition, it's because the laptops come pre-installed with the Home edition of Windows, so I chose the same edition.

After downloading the tool package, I started creating the image:


While it was creating the image, I went out to get a bucket of water. When I came back, I saw that the image was already done. So, I checked the directory, mounted the image, and started the installation!

To my surprise, the reinstallation process was very fast, but the update process took almost an hour and then failed...

After restarting, I waited for about five to six minutes and entered the OOBE stage. It looked laggy because there were no drivers.

After completing OOBE, I logged in to my Microsoft account and saw the familiar desktop. After waiting for a while, I let Windows install the drivers, and then it was time for the joyful process of reinstalling software and personalization!

image~~There are also limited mouse pointers! The desktop and terminal background are drawn by Pixiv's CoCoLo.

Strange, LyricEase and many UWP apps seem to have noticeable animation lag on this version. I wonder why.

At the same time, the new version of File Explorer welcomed me:

imageProudly powered by Windows UI 3


However, when reinstalling software and installing new games, I encountered a pitfall: file permission issues on the D drive, and it was quite severe.

Specifically, some directories inexplicably required administrator permissions to access after reinstalling the system, and even Minecraft couldn't write files to certain directories.

For these directories, my solution was to modify the owner and permissions in the "Properties" window of Windows. If that didn't work, I would simply restart into Ubuntu and delete that directory.

Also, MacType couldn't render the Start menu and some UWP apps, and Edge Beta couldn't render web pages. However, Chrome Canary next door worked fine, and I could even use MacType to render web pages in Chrome without changing any flags.

Oh, by the way, the blog now uses Source Han Sans as the web font, thanks to our old friend Google Fonts. The reason behind this is that I can't stand not having Microsoft YaHei without MacType..

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