Valaxy - A brand new static blog framework with no boundaries.

title: Valaxy - A Brand New Static Blog Framework with No Boundaries
date: 2022-10-17 08:35:47
updated: 2022-10-17 08:35:47

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Actually, I have been following Valaxy by YunYouJun for a long time, but unfortunately, I could only use Hexo because I didn't have the conditions.

Recently, I got a computer for online classes, so I thought, "Why not migrate my blog to Valaxy?" I opened Valaxy's documentation and started the operation. After setting it up, it was already in a state where it could be used in a production environment.

At the same time, I also felt its super-fast speed and native page hot reloading, so I decided to introduce it to everyone.

Getting Started

⚡️ Vue 3, Vite 2, pnpm, ESBuild - born with fastness

Local Initialization

Project Address

Create a new folder, then open the terminal in this folder and enter the following content to initialize:

npm init valaxy
# `pnpm create valaxy` is recommended by the author

Follow the command line prompts to complete the project initialization. The Yun theme is used by default, but you can also choose the documentation theme (theme-press).

Enter the generated project folder and enter the command to install dependencies and start local preview:

npm install 
# yarn
npm run dev
# yarn dev

After the local preview starts, you can access http://localhost:4859 to see the effect. Then you can modify valaxy.config.ts to customize your blog.

Automatic Deployment

You can use GitHub Pages/Netlify/Vercel/Cloudflare Pages.

.github/workflows/gh-pages.yml will automatically deploy GitHub Pages. For others, please refer to the documentation.

Manual Deployment

Enter the following command to generate static files, and then you can deploy the contents of the dist folder to your own server:

npm run build
# npm run build:spa for SPA


Valaxy is currently in the early development stage. The Yun theme only replicates the main functions of the Hexo version. You can support the development of Valaxy by providing feedback on bugs or donating to YunYouJun.

Using it now means being a noble beta user

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